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Met with incidents and accidents while traveling abroad, the number of people who ask for help to the embassy or consulate, every year 17,000 and up to about.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs survey of 2003, out of the travel experience, one in six people have been caught up in some kind of trouble, I answered.

Because it is a foreign country, it happens that unexpected always.
However, if there is a proper prior preparation, okay.
To this end, we recommend that you subscribe to before going to travel abroad, to insurance.

Overseas travel insurance, indemnity company is responsible. Herunterladen Sie die Vollversion des Spiels! Ohne unnötige Warte und verdächtige Tricks.
Indemnity companies are many but, Sompo Japan Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance is two companies of overseas travel insurance of reasonable is.

Overseas travel insurance incidental to no annual fee credit card

In the settlement of a foreign country, the credit card is the best safety.
In addition, the credit card there are those that are incidental overseas travel insurance , you can substitute to some degree. You may have some things that are incidental in no annual fee credit card, it is very profitable.

The annual fee is take the card, it is often that is incidental, such as the bank system and the credit system credit card.
In addition, we also attached to the strong credit card overseas, such as JCB card or ANA, JAL card.

(Including those of the annual fee) for students, the society for people who refer to this page. Students facing credit card new society people facing credit card of 20 Daishakai people facing credit card of 30 adult credit card of the above-year-old

Please see this page for no annual fee credit card. No annual fee credit card of facing the overseas travel

Overseas travel insurance by credit card

Not long ago, when you go to a foreign country in such as tourism, commercial and study abroad, there was a part missing in the incidental credit card.
Note: In this page, it was previously recommended to join the insurance company.

You can also use the identification
In the case of foreign countries, much higher than medical costs in Japan, only 20,000 to 30,000 yen go to the hospital with illness or injury will take is.
More will be on the country, but the example that take 50,000 yen near per hospital per day is not uncommon. In the case of the United States, 1.2 million yen to 2,000,000 yen in the cecum surgery is (AIU company survey). In the case of insurance companies, unlike a credit card, it can be treated with less cache. Note: also been issued in the current that can be treated with less cash card (2008).

In addition, in order to have undertaken in a foreign hospital, you must have insurance certificate as a general rule.
In the case of credit card, once contact the issuing company, will be applied to the hospital from waiting for the arrangements.

Costs, in the schedule of China 7 nights 8 days, is 2,000 yen a little less than.
It is not a big amount.

However, there is a foreign desk of the issue in the road company, if the travel destination, such as get to firmly support, will not care in what the card incidental.
If tourism, such as Hawaii, Guam, there is no problem with what the card incidental.
Note: If the cashless treatment capable card, is now fully able to support.

Please see here about the card that cashless treatment is received. Credit card cashless treatment is received

Settlement in card

As money way of possession of a foreign country is, cash, traveler's check (T / C), there is a card and three ways.
Of these, the most secure of the card is.
Even if there was a crime victim, it can be to use stop if the card is safe because there is compensation.

In addition, even when you have lost the money in an accident or incident, you can caching at low interest.
In addition, in the foreign countries, will identity instead.
This so that's somehow, only card.

In foreign travel, considering the balance of management and compensation, that bring the two cards is the best.

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Some of the previous contents, was transferred to another site. Safe travel abroad describes how to hold the money in the overseas travel.